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3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Chas, Jacob Soll, who wrote Publishing “The Prince” (2005) (examines how Machiavelli’s work was popularized and how it has influenced modern political thought) is writing in NYTimes today how Germany should not play the victim if they want to lead. lol.

    Soll tells the Germans ‘many saw austerity as a new version of the 1919 Versailles Treaty that would bring in a future “chaotic and unreliable” government in Greece — the very kind that Mr. Enderlein warned about in an essay in The Guardian — they countered that they were furious about being compared to Nazis and terrorists.’


    here’s his bio. Wodner if he knows Michael Leeden. Machiavelli seems to be of key interest to neocons.


    1. Hi Chu33,
      I just stumbled upon this blog — I didn’t know it existed.
      Thanks for mention of Machiavelli. I’m reading all I can about the many, disparate interpretations of The Prince — it’s tremendously absorbing, if your eyes & brain can take it.

      I had initially thought Philip Bobbitt’s interpretation of Prince was worthwhile. Further research into Bobbitt reveals a very dark and almost genuinely evil individual. He’s LBJ’s nephew, and claims descent from USA founders. I’m trying to figure out where his ultra-zionist ideology comes from.


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